Candle Spells

Candle spells are rather a specialty of mine, being the owner of a soap and CANDLE company since 1999. So, long before I began as a rootworker, candles played a big part of my life. There is something mystical about the flame of a candle burning through a situation or difficulty while, at the same time, shining light on a problem. The act of dressing and carving a candle, rolling it in herbs and oils is a creative and energetic experience. Here you will find the candle spells and candle rootwork that I offer for clients. With these types of candle magic, you are not required to have a reading ahead of time with me.

Skull Candles

skull candle hoodoo
Skull candles are most often used to influence the thoughts of another
Skull Spell for Love and Relationships

This skull candle spell is done with specific ingredients that are magically influential for love. The bottom of the skull candle is carved out, loaded with the appropriate herbs, flowers, roots, your photographs, your petition, and any other ingredients that are needed for your particular situation. Most people use this skull candle spell as a kind of “come to me” spell — a way to get into the head of the one you want so that they will either 1. think of no one else but you or 2. come around to your way of thinking in the romance department.

Skull Spell for Influence

This skull spell can be used for a variety of reasons – both baneful and well-intended. The picture above was more of a baneful nature, to influence someone who was interfering with another person’s business and finances and was intended to get in their head to break their focus, cause confusion and doubt, and them around to a new way of thinking (the client’s way!)

You could use this candle spell in a similar fashion or to get into the mind of another for a number of other reasons:
– to influence a boss about raise or promotion
– to keep another from gossiping about you
– to coerce another to come around to your point of view
– to create confusion on someone who is working against you
the possibilities go on and on…..

Skull Candle spells are burned for three days. The first day is burned for about an hour to put the idea into the mind of another. The second day it is burned for two hours with the intention of letting the thought patterns start to turn around. The third day it is lit and left to burn until it has completely finished (usually takes the entire night) to allow the idea to take hold in the mind. Before burning, each candle is carved at the bottom, packed with your petition, any pictures, and the appropriate herbs, roots, minerals, and plants for your unique situation. Sometimes, other candles are burned and allowed to drip over the surface of the candle. Others may require pins — all depending on what you’re trying to achieve. When the candle has finished, it is then buried.

Carved Pillar Candle Spells

pillar candles are carved with your petition, symbols, numbers, sometimes sigils - rolled in herbs and anointed with oils.
pillar candles are carved with your petition, symbols, numbers, sometimes sigils – rolled in herbs and anointed with oils.

Pillar candle spells have a lot of energy focused onto them. I take a 9 inch pillar candle and carve (using my pocket knife) your petition directly onto the candle. Depending on your situation and petition, I may also carve numbers, birth dates, elements of numerology and astrology, secret sigils, and symbols. They are then anointed with the oils appropriate for your situation and rolled in herbs. They are then surrounded by a circle of herbs, roots, flowers, or salt and lit while prayer over your petition. After burning, any leftover wax is carefully buried.

Carved Candle Spells available:
rolled wax candle spell for money

LOVE – use this candle for love, reconciliation, come to me situations, and to attract new lovewaxdivinationMONEY – use this candle for money drawing, business, jobs, money stay with me
HEALTH – for the good health of yourself or another or prayers of health for someone
SUCCESS – use for success in business or any other venture you take on
UNHEXING – remove hexes, uncross conditions, remove obstacles from the past
HOTFOOT – to move a person out of your life, make them go away
PROTECTION – general protection, protection against enemies or those that wish you harm


To banish bad thoughts someone is having, I often use by Vanquish oil in that type of candle spell. For confusing the target, I turn to our aromaG’s Confusion formula.