Rolled Beeswax Candle Spell

The act of hand rolling this candle helps to create a specific energy and imbues it with your request on many different levels. First, it creates a very powerful magical candle by allowing me to roll herbs, minerals, oils, and a client’s petition inside the candle, very specific to what they are asking for. It combines elements of the carved candle spell, a candle rolled in herbs, and takes the act of anointing deep inside a candle rolled into many layers. It also makes it possible for me to scratch the names of those involved inside the layers of the candle along with their birthdates, sigils, and any other type of needed information. In other words, we are creating a multi-layer spell candle packed with detailed information within its folds — addressing those concerns as it burns down.

While I prefer to use the natural yellow beeswax color, I may opt to use different colored beeswax sheets depending upon your particular situation. The candle may end up all natural, all a single color, or a certain color at its core, wrapped in the natural yellow. This candle is not shipped to you but burned on my altar where it is prayed over and tended to.

The time for change has come. After 8 years, my time as a practicing Rootworker is coming to a close. I will be shifting my focus towards writing books and teaching classes on all things folk magic as well as tending to our ever-growing metaphysical company. After all, creating and selling conjure supplies is still a form of Rootwork.

I will continue my work as a Tarot reader as well as my candle services and setting of lights, which I love to do. HOWEVER, the way I perform candle services is changing. The price of setting lights is lowering to reflect that I will no longer be sending reports when a candle finishes. When you order a candle service from me, it will still be anointed and prayed over with your petition as it always has been — but no report will follow. The energy behind doing this service for you will not change — only the time-consuming paperwork that prevents me from pursuing my other interests and responsibilities.