(to keep evil away from your house and invite the good inside)

¼ cup sugar
¼ cup salt
2 small jars
1 white chime candle
1 black chime candle
Devil Begone sachet powder
House Blessing sachet powder
2 cross charms
Blue embroidery thread

Fill one jar with sugar and the other with salt. To the sugar, add one Tablespoon of House Blessing Sachet powder. In the jar of salt, add one Tablespoon of Devil Begone sachet powder. Stir each one well until the sachet powders are mixed in thoroughly.

Now, place one cross charm in the sugar jar and screw on the lid. Put the other cross in the salt jar and screw on the lid. You are now going to burn the white candle on top of the jar of sugar and the black candle on top of the jar of salt.

The next day, open the jars and take out the crosses and set them aside. Take the jar of salt to the end of your driveway and begin throwing handfuls into the street. When you have finished, take the jar of sugar, go to the end of the driveway – but this time, turn and face your house and begin throwing handfuls up the driveway while walking towards the house.

When you have finished, take the embroidery thread and cut a piece off about 6 feet long. Double it over to make it a thicker, 3 foot long piece. Then tie both of the crosses onto the thread. Nail the thread in the space between the front door and the storm door (or where a storm door would normally be.) If this is not possible where you live, hang on a nail or tack just inside your front door. It will keep the bad out and invite the good in.

This spell was shared by Papa Gee on an episode of the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour: Amulets Charms & Talismans episode with Catherine Yronwode and Papa Gee on 8/22/21

Notice Me Fire and Ice Spell

This is for grabbing the attention of someone who just doesn’t seem to notice you. Tapping into the energy of how opposites attract, it is intended to make them notice your good qualities that they are not seeing. You’ll need a pink taper or offertory candle and a smaller yellow candle. Carve your name, dob, etc., into the pink candle and their name into the yellow candle. Light yellow and drip all over the pink candle.

Get a large fire-safe bowl and a smaller fire- safe bowl that will fit inside the larger one. The pink candle goes in the smaller vessel. In the larger bowl, place nine ice cubes and the rose petals. Burn candle halfway down. Next night, pour off melted ice cubes and save the water. Repeat the spell with nine new ice cubes and more rose petals. Allow the candle to burn the rest of the way down. Take the melted ice water from both days and add it to your bathwater.

– from my book: Casting Love Spells: Rituals of Love, Passion, and Attraction

The Broken Crown – Ego in the Magical and Healing Arts

During my spiritual path I have dealt with my own inflated ego from time to time, and luckily have loving people around me who have made me aware of it and that I needed to take it down a notch (or two.) Ego is part of being human. The Universe often steps in and knocks that crown off your head by presenting you with setbacks until you recognize it, demonstrate humility, and work to get yourself back on track. For those in the healing and magical arts, ego can be especially detrimental because it makes you forget why you have been placed in this position of power in the first place — to be in service to others. So, what are some of the signs that ego is taking over your practice?

  • Jealousy over another’s success. Do you feel that someone else doing well in their practice is a reflection on yours?
  • Smack-talking other practitioners. While what you’re saying may very well be true (because we all know wackos and incompetents in every field), does your negative talk about them help to advance you in your eyes?
  • Are you a certificate hussy? Do you throw around your certifications by asking others in your field “are you certified?”, “where were you certified?” or the cringe-worthy “But I AM certified,” – usually thrown into those conversations when you wonder why the other guy got the gig that you didn’t.
  • Do you compare yourself to others in the Spiritual community? Do you imply (or say outright) that you are more gifted than others, therefor deserve special attention or more respect?
  • Do you forget the people that helped to get you where you are or dismiss their contributions?
  • Are you more concerned about promotion than actually being present for the client in need?

Jealousy holds you back from excelling because you are not focused on your own task at hand – to constantly improve and evolve. We must all use our own talents to reach the level we want to achieve. And, perhaps, the other practitioner actually IS more talented at something you are not from web design, to public speaking, to dealing with clients on a very personal level. Recognizing your weakness and tackling it will serve you much better in the big picture.

Smack-Talking can damage your own reputation because it can be uncomfortable or negative for another to hear. It makes you the villain. Does this mean you shouldn’t warn clients away from unethical practitioners or scam artists? Certainly not. But choose your words wisely and come from a place of concern in those situations. Just like jealousy, bad-mouthing others is taking up valuable time that could be spent improving your own practice. Also, it brings down your vibration to a negative place — which actually drives away potential clients.

Certificates in the magical and healing community are pieces of paper showing that you passed a course laid out by another person or institution. First of all, Bravo for a job well done! But, I can tell you that there will be plenty of people out there who will be more gifted than you who have had no certification at all. Their gift may be natural, or perhaps they are better at retaining knowledge than you, or maybe they ….. etc. etc. Today we live in an instant gratification world, and the certification process in the healing arts can reflect this, often forcing teachers to take students to the next level faster than they would have in the past. When I was in my 30’s, certifications in the healing arts were usually spread out at least a year apart, giving the student time to practice their skills fully before moving on to the next level. A certificate does not make you more psychic. A certificate does not make you a better healer. The only things that can truly give you mastery is by doing the work, practicing, and dedicating yourself as a constantly-learning apprentice to your chosen art.

Comparing yourself to others will never serve you — on any level. In case you hadn’t noticed, as humans, each and every one of us is completely different. Some may take the comparison route at different angles. Talking down other practitioners is one (see smack-talking above.) Others may think they deserve the best time-slots for services in the local metaphysical store, or should be considered first “above the competition.” Or perhaps they only compare themselves to others on an internal level, which is akin to issues of self-esteem. On comparing yourself to others — just don’t do it. Embrace your unique gifts and work on the ones that need improvement.

Remember those who helped you along the way because our teachers and mentors help mold part of who we are. They taught us things we didn’t know before. Sometimes, they showed by example a better way to conduct ourselves in our chosen field. Denying their contributions can be a way of putting yourself above them. The student does not become a master in every case. We should honor our mentors instead of focusing on trying to replace them. Putting in the hard work to become their equal will be much more rewarding and make you a better practitioner in the long run.

Promotion over compassion– doesn’t sound good in black and white, does it? Sometimes the runaway ego makes us want to push to the front of the line. Do you spend too much time talking about yourself vs. listening to the client that came to you for help? After all, that is why we are here in this field – to fully listen to and assist others in need. During a session, the most promotion anyone should probably ever do is to hand them a business card at the end of the meeting in case they need you in the future. Or, have you ever been guilty of promoting only yourself in a collective setting where there are other practitioners alongside you? This comes down to simple manners. Let’s say you are one of several tarot readers in a shop. Someone asks for a reading (not from a specific person), but you aren’t on the schedule until the weekend. Telling them to come back then when your colleague is in the next room taking appointments at that moment? Not only is that bad form, but it’s also ego talking. It is that need to push to the front of the line. What should you do? Let them know about your colleagues, and then give them your card and tell them that you’re also available this coming weekend. Share the love. Because, I can promise you this — when your fellow practitioners witness you leaving them out in public, it is almost guaranteed that they won’t be recommending you in private. 

The very act of writing this blog post has brought some of my own ego issues to the foreground for me, reminding me again to work on humility. It’s a constant struggle for us human beings. If any of this sounds familiar, ask yourself why you are having a problem with the ego. Does it come from fear? From self-confidence issues? Admitting it is the hardest part. Once you get past that and consciously choose to work on the problem, you will find yourself walking on the path that leads to the best possible version of yourself. And when you get there, be aware that there is always more work to do — every day.

Papa Gee (Greg)

Lenormand Cards – White Mojo

The third edition of my White Mojo Lenormand Oracle Cards was just released.  When I noticed that there were less than 20 decks in stock at the store I knew it was, of course, time to order more. But I also knew that the cards were never exactly as I had envisioned them so I decide to tackle the cards again and give them a complete redesign.

Editions 1 and 2 both had the name of the card on the surface was well as the divinatory meaning. As a seasoned Lenormand card reader, I found that I wasn’t using my own deck to read cards. Instead, I was reaching for the traditional deck — the one with simply the picture, the card number, and the playing card association.  So, that is how I decided to go forward with the third edition. I had to make it more …… “Lenormandish.”

The images I use for the deck are old images found in the public domain, some of them as old as 400 years.  They came from a variety of unusual sources: old fairy tale books, medical journals, old paintings by unknown artists, vintage advertisements, and the list goes on. With the original deck, I was never able to find anything to represent the SCYTHE card or the COFFIN card and decided to rename them “Swords” and “Death” instead.  With a long and tedious search, I uncovered the proper imagery to restore their original Lenormand names in the third edition, bringing back SCYTHE and COFFIN.  For the WHIP & BROOM card, the first two editions focused on the broom, depicting a witch. The third edition focuses on the whip, showing Christ being tormented by a scourge.

I did, however, keep the six extra cards I added to the deck. I find them helpful in completing a reading, bringing up subjects that Lenormand doesn’t always fully address. Also, many people have written to tell me how much the enjoy the addition of the six new cards. I did, however, give the cards a facelift with new king and queen images. The extra cards are numbered  but show no playing card association, as they are not a traditional addition to Lenormand cards.

I do like the new backings for the cards. The previous editions had a collage of faded stars on the back.  The first edition, including the companion book, was dark blue. The second edition was the “red edition.” This third edition brings back the original blue theme, leaning more towards indigo. The new back has shades of this blue by using an old, out of print playing card back.

My WHITE MOJO LENORMAND CARDS are available for sale on our website by clicking here.

Honey or Souring Jars

Honey or Vinegar Jar Spells for Love, Relationships, Money, Success, or to Interrupt the Serenity of Another

honey jar money

In the Hoodoo tradition, vinegar jars are used to “sour” a situation, while honey jars are used to “sweeten” someone toward you. They truly belong to the class of spells known as “bottle spells,” in which components are sealed inside a glass container for magical effects. The honey jar spell has seen numerous changes over the years and can also be used with components for sweetening someone or something, such as plain sugar, molasses, or syrup.Herbs related to the specific circumstance, occasionally personal worries, magical oils, and a written petition outlining the wish or goal are usually always included in the jar.

Although they need a little seclusion, honey jars are easy to create at home. For her own religious beliefs, someone I know’s mother-in-law would discard each honey jar her daughter-in-law had begun. The most crucial aspect is to give it all of your focus and intention. A honey jar will typically have candles burning on top of it for a few days to a few weeks.

honey jars hoodooHoney Jars for Love and Relationships –
This jar is designed to make your loved one feel softer and sweeter toward you. Along with your petition, stuff it with love-attracting materials like rose petals, lavender buds, Queen Elizabeth root, Love Attracting oil, and other herbs and essential oils.


Honey Jars for Money, Success and Business –honey jar spell
The ingredients in the honey jars used for success and money are substantially different from those used for love. The identical honey jars are used in our store to draw more consumers and business. Along with your petition, stuff yours with items that will attract money, such as cinnamon sticks, fenugreek seeds, patchouli oil, vetiver oil, five finger grass, alfalfa, and other herbs and essential oils.


Souring Vinegar Jar
souring jar hoodooThe opposite of a honey jar is a souring jar. It is intended to either keep people at bay or to make their lives miserable. A honey jar might entice someone to you, whereas a vinegar (or souring) jar irritates and repels them. is frequently employed for evil tasks like BreakUP work, which involves getting two people to dispute and then split ways. Additionally, it can be used to make Hotfoot work more effective at removing a subject.

You can find my community honey jar spells I perform for clients here:
Honey Jars



Connecting with Michael

St-Michael-statueConnecting with Michael

Over the past weekend we set up at the Galactic Expo (a “new age” fair) here in Nashville. Sunday was a little slower than Saturday so Roy and I both had time to get readings and energy work done.  Which is pretty rare since we are usually performing the work on others instead of treating ourselves to it.

So, I had a Vibrational Energy Attunement session with a well-known energy worker, Reverend Barb, for general balancing, adjusting the aura, and to further open my connections to Guides. Tuning forks, crystals, and hands-on work was used.  During the session she told me I was surrounded by two Angels and another guiding force that didn’t want to reveal their name / source during the session.

I was told I needed basic quartz crystals to place on either side of my bed to help with my sleep patterns and to help me receive information and downloads from my Guides.

That night, with the stones on either side of the bed, I slept better than I had in months. In the moments of waking, a Guide presented himself to me telling me his name was Michael and showed me his face.  I was also told to buy a chalkboard to keep beside me to use during my readings. I didn’t need to know why just now but to get one and keep it handy.

Now, I am not saying that my Guide is a Archangel (although, you never know), but I found myself attracted to the statue of Saint Michael when we visited Saint Mary’s bookstore this morning after a trip to Whole Foods. So, home he came and was blessed and placed on my altar along with a new Mary statue. Whether or not this is the Michael that came to me, the statue will give me focus and intent to connect with this new Michael (whoever he may be).

This is a surprising thing since I have not had Christian connections in a very long time. Furthermore, I was raised Baptist so we certainly didn’t have any dealing with Saints. But, allowing these elements of Christianity into my life and work is finally an okay thing with me now that I understand that I can let them in on my own terms – without needing to have a pastor, a church, or another person tell me how/when/where/why I should or shouldn’t let them in.

Psychic Vision Oils finished

Psychic Vision Oil

Conjured up my first batch of Psychic Vision oil this morning.  I’ve been holding off on this particular oil for the past couple of weeks because my Guides were holding out on me (I’m sure they have their good reasons, though).  Wanted to create this blend back in middle April but the ingredients just weren’t coming to me.

Of course, I knew all of the historical ingredients that are used for such work but that is not my total method.  First I have my list of which herbs, roots and oils were used to create condition oil blends. Then, my Guides tell me which ones to include (and sometimes introduce me to one or two new ingredients).

This morning was the day.  As usual, I never tell everything that is in my oils but I will say that some of the psychic vision blend ingredients include: calendula, wormwood, frankincense, ylang-ylang essential oil, and bitter almond (along with several others).

I love the way the label turned out. Perfect for Psychic Vision. But it is pretty ironic that I couldn’t get a psychic connection to my Guides to create the oil before now. But, they always know best.

Money Drawing Altar

Money Drawing Altar

money altar

There is finally a good space for a money drawing altar.  Now that Roy has his own space in the healing cottage, and I have revamped my reading room, it was time to pull out this little table that has been waiting patiently for over a year for us to find it a purpose. This was set up at the end of April so you have my apologies for not posting about it before now.

On the back left you will see the little three-legged pig, which was given to me by a friend. The Chanchitos pig originates from a little village near Pomaire, Chili where the land is fertile and prosperous. It is given as a token of good fortune, luck, and good will.

To the right you will see the happy pink piggy bank I found at the flea market, just four days after setting up the money altar. In his hand, he is holding a money bag with the $ symbol on it. I paid six dollars for this cute fella. I have nothing to back it up, but his style and coloring leads me to believe that he may be more than a few years old – the style reminds me of figurines that were created in the 70’s.  Of course, we offered up coins for his belly!

In the front are mine and Roy’s honey jars filled with cinnamon sticks, fenugreek, gold dollars coins and silver dimes along with some pyrite and our business cards (which we’ve written our financial intentions on).  Green candles are burned on top of the jars when they need a boost but I keep a green seven-day candle behind and light it daily for a constant boost.

Towards the back left is my Money-Drawing oil along with Lucky Mojo Money Drawing oil.  And, of course, cash and coins laid out among cinnamon sticks. On one of the dollars is a large piece of lodestone – on the other, a piece of pyrite.  So there you have it – our money drawing altar.

Money Drawing Oil

As we are getting ready for the Galactic Expo here in Nashville in May, I’ve been working on the oils I am going to have there in our booth. Before moving on to making the money drawing oils, I filled 105 bottles of my chakra balancing oils.
Here in the pic you will see the batch of money drawing oils on my altar. Tomorrow I will move on to working on the love attracting oils for the event.

UPDATE: July 19, 2023 – Wow! It’s been 10 years since this post. The oils have gone through some transformations since then and a couple of different bottles and labels. But this particular formula, sold under our aromaG’s Botanica line, is still the exact same recipe. Why tamper with something that is already good? But I do love looking back and finding these pictures of how we did this so long ago.