Connecting with Michael

St-Michael-statueConnecting with Michael

Over the past weekend we set up at the Galactic Expo (a “new age” fair) here in Nashville. Sunday was a little slower than Saturday so Roy and I both had time to get readings and energy work done.  Which is pretty rare since we are usually performing the work on others instead of treating ourselves to it.

So, I had a Vibrational Energy Attunement session with a well-known energy worker, Reverend Barb, for general balancing, adjusting the aura, and to further open my connections to Guides. Tuning forks, crystals, and hands-on work was used.  During the session she told me I was surrounded by two Angels and another guiding force that didn’t want to reveal their name / source during the session.

I was told I needed basic quartz crystals to place on either side of my bed to help with my sleep patterns and to help me receive information and downloads from my Guides.

That night, with the stones on either side of the bed, I slept better than I had in months. In the moments of waking, a Guide presented himself to me telling me his name was Michael and showed me his face.  I was also told to buy a chalkboard to keep beside me to use during my readings. I didn’t need to know why just now but to get one and keep it handy.

Now, I am not saying that my Guide is a Archangel (although, you never know), but I found myself attracted to the statue of Saint Michael when we visited Saint Mary’s bookstore this morning after a trip to Whole Foods. So, home he came and was blessed and placed on my altar along with a new Mary statue. Whether or not this is the Michael that came to me, the statue will give me focus and intent to connect with this new Michael (whoever he may be).

This is a surprising thing since I have not had Christian connections in a very long time. Furthermore, I was raised Baptist so we certainly didn’t have any dealing with Saints. But, allowing these elements of Christianity into my life and work is finally an okay thing with me now that I understand that I can let them in on my own terms – without needing to have a pastor, a church, or another person tell me how/when/where/why I should or shouldn’t let them in.