Email Tarot Readings

I love doing email readings because I can work at them at any time of day. Clients like them because they are not only affordable, but because they are delivered privately. Not everyone has the time to go out for reading or can be on the phone without members of their household knowing about it. Email tarot readings are a private communication between reader and client. Also, the reading allows you to go back and read it in the future – similar to when clients choose to record a tarot reading.

My 3-card email reading – $15.00
These 3 cards deliver more of a punch than you realize. The particular spread that I use doesn’t waste one card on the past but, instead, go directly to what is going on in your life. I use the cards to represent: 1. your situation 2. the advice on what you’re facing 3. the most likely final outcome.

My 6-card email reading – $29.00
An email Tarot reading is really no different from my phone or in-person readings other than you can choose when to review it in your own space – at your own pace. For this email reading, I use a 6-card spread that not only covers your situation and what to expect in the future, but also the underlying causes and how to address them. This configuration is called the “modified Celtic Cross spread” because it is laid out the same way, only omitting that last four cards from the original Celtic Cross. This email tarot reading choice focuses on ONE question you have.

The TWO Question email reading – $58.00
This is the same reading as the one described above except you get to ask two questions. Two questions would be like a 30 minute reading and I will pull the cards twice. Basically, you are getting two different readings but they will be delivered to you at one time. One question is similar to a 15 minute reading with me.

Lenormand card reading – $31.00
My Lenormand 9-card reading addresses one main question you have, but does answer it in detail. Lenormand cards give straight and simple answers – “this is going to happen,” or “this is the situation in front of you.” They are also clear and concise when someone wants a “yes” or “no” answer. I like to call Lenormand cards “down and dirty cards” because they cut to the heart of the matter. In other words, they are “matter of fact cards.”

This is for a ONE question Lenormand reading, but you may be as detailed as you like about that one question when you contact me. A 9-card Lenormand reading is similar to having a 20 minute reading with me.

How your email tarot reading is delivered: You will receive a PDF report via email that explains each card in your reading and how it pertains to your question, along with a photograph of your actual card spread. Readings are delivered within 3 days. The booking time slot you chose is merely a way to reserve your space in line with me. Actual times are reserved for clients who book a phone or in-person reading. So, NO phone calls, please. Your email reading is delivered through email within 3 business days after your booking.