Why can’t I find spells and candle services on your website?
After nine years of performing spell work and candle magic for clients, I have decided to retire from spell casting and focus on my tarot readings, the writing of my books, teaching classes (both online and in-person), my Patreon, and our Nashville store – aromaG’s Botanica. Part of my readings will consist of magical coaching where I will still be available to talk you through how to perform your own spell work and guide you to the products you need. I will still perform some community candle altar services from time to time.

Do you reject any type of rootwork? Are there spells you won’t perform?
Yes. I will not perform work where you ask to bring illness or death to another person. Just not something I want to play a part in.

How long with it take my spell to manifest? How long before it works?
Ah, timing. The question everyone asks. There’s really no iron-clad answer. How long does it take for a prayer to “work?” Determining a timeframe is difficult because everyone’s situation is completely different. A spell is meant to petition the Spirits (or Universe, or God, Goddesses, Saints, etc) to open a door for you – to give you a shot at making this happen. Are you doing everything humanly possible on your end to manifest what you are asking for? Are you behaving in a way that aligns with what you seek? Are you acting and reacting to situations that arise in a way that will deliver what you’re asking for? Are you being honest with yourself about the part you played in what led up to the situation? Are you surrounding yourself with the type of people that will help you reach your goal or people that try to drag you down? Are you taking matters into your own hands or waiting for the flame of a candle to do all the work for you? The door has been opened for you. Now you must choose whether to walk through. Some say to look for a small sign within 3 days to a week. After two weeks, usually the wheels of a spell are spinning. At the end of about three months, all should be revealed one way or the other. Still, this is only a guideline and not always true to everyone and their situation.

Do I need to book a reading before you will take my case or perform my work?
No. At one time, I required a prior reading but no longer do so. The only time you would need a prior consultation is if you want a custom designed rootwork. Most situations you could want are on my website and can be adjusted to your particular situation.

Will I receive photographs of the work you performed for me?
It depends on what you asked for. For most spells and rootwork, I do send a picture after the work is complete. For candle altar services, I do NOT send pictures — only your report on how the candle burned.

Why don’t you send pictures of candle altar services?
My job is to dress the candle, pray over it, and report back to you on how it burned. I am not a full-time photographer. Writing a dozen candle reports a day is time consuming in itself. Photographing each one, sending pic to computer, resizing, naming the picture to identify it as yours, attaching to your report —– is a lot to ask for a $20.00 service. If you want that much detail, please seek out one of my other services, such as a candle spell.

Do you guarantee results with my rootwork / spellwork / candle service?
I always tell people that guarantees are for appliances. Do I guarantee that I will PERFORM the work to the best of my ability? —- Yes, I do. But, can I guarantee that it will work? No one can do that. Your preacher cannot guarantee your prayers will be answered. Your doctor cannot guarantee you will be cured. Your lawyer cannot guarantee he can win your court case. Please be wary of workers that guarantee you absolute results because it simply isn’t possible. I can only tell you that I’ve seen positive results many times and praise from many clients.

How long does it take to receive my candle altar service burn report?
Sometimes, it can take almost a week before there is enough room to place your candle on the altar. So, allow a week for a spot on the altar, another week for the candle to burn, and one more for the report to show up. So — about 3 weeks for a single candle. Although, there are times when you may receive it sooner. Altar services involving a run of candles? Add a week for each candle.

How do I send you a picture to include with my candle altar service? There wasn’t a space to upload a pic on your website.
You can eMail Me your pictures. Just be sure to include the same name your order is under. Including an order number gets you extra praise. 🙂

How do I book a reading with you?
all bookings are scheduled online through the booking system. Please go tothis page and choose the type of reading you are interested in. Once you do that, the calendar will open up and show you my availability. Choose the day and time that works best for you. It will then take you through the process of paying for your appointment.

Can I burn my own candles at the same time you are performing work for me?
As long as it is on the same subject, performed in the same spirit. For example, don’t ask me to do love work to bring the RIGHT PERSON into your life, while you are doing love work to bring a SPECIFIC person to you. That’s two different types of work.

What should I be doing while you are performing work on my behalf?
Behave yourself. I always tell people that the ‘human element’ is an important part of rootwork / spellwork. Don’t ask me to burn candles to reconcile you with your partner while, at the same time, you treat them like dirt. Don’t ask me for spellwork to get a new job while you don’t bother to fill out any applications for employment. Don’t ask me to get the guy at work to notice you, while you don’t bother to groom yourself and look presentable around him. You must PARTICIPATE by your actions, deeds, and reactions to get what you want. Got it? Good.

Will I receive a report on my honey or souring jar?
You will receive a picture of your jar and informed when the work is complete. There’s not much to ‘report’ about when it comes to jar work, other than the knowledge of knowing the work was performed daily for three weeks on your behalf.