Fortune Telling postcards by Dwig

When I began co-authoring our book, THE STRANGER IN THE CUP – HOW TO READ YOUR LUCK AND FATE IN THE TEA LEAVES, with Catherine Yronwode, I discussed that our company, aromaG’s Botanica was working on a special blend of tea for tasseomancers (tea leaf readers) which we named Fortune Telling Tea by aromaG’s – a balanced blend of black teas and puerh  So, I began my search for the perfect public domain image for the label. That is when I ran across the series of postcards by the artist known as ‘Dwig’ who created a serious of Fortune Telling art.

It turns out Catherine (Miss Cat) knew all about Dwig and began telling me about this prolific artist. Clare Victor Dwiggins (June 16, 1874 – October 26, 1958) was an American cartoonist who signed his work Dwig. Dwiggins created a number of comic strips and single-panel cartoons for various American newspapers and newspaper syndicates from 1897 until 1945, including his best-known strip, the long-running School Days (which appeared under a number of different titles). (bio info from wikipedia)

I have since then began collecting these original Fortune Teller postcards from the 1910’s. These are the first four in my collection. I’m currently waiting for 10 more to arrive in the mail, which I can’t wait to share with you!