Good Mojo Lenormand Oracle


The Good Mojo Lenormand Oracle (4rd edition) is a 42-card deck inspired by the beauty and mystery of the divination system made famous by Mlle Lenormand, the fortune teller to Napoleon and Josephine Bonapart. In this final edition, we have renamed the ‘white mojo lenormand’ to the GOOD MOJO LENORMAND. The heart of the traditional Lenormand deck is present in the cards with a few minor changes – primarily with the use of six additional cards not normally found in Lenormand decks.

This 4rd edition has significant changes in design. The cards are more true to traditional Lenormand and no longer state the name of the card or the meaning. This latest deck is borderless, showing off the beauty of the images. Their face includes the picture, the card number, and its playing card association. Some updated images used in more muted tones. This final edition is colored in black with a new back featuring a black background with gold embroidery.

There has recently been a rediscovered interest in reading Lenormand cards, launching a variety of decks and the rediscovery of older sets. The illustrations found in the Good Mojo Lenormand date back as far as 400 years and have been re-colored and redesigned for this medium, resulting in a deck of oracle cards that have a vintage, old-world look.

Includes deck in hard-case, clear box and a 60 page instruction book on how to use the cards.

Size of cards: 2.48”×3.46” (63mm×88mm)

Cards designed and the companion book is written by Gregory Lee White