Honey or Souring Jars

Honey or Vinegar Jar Spells for Love, Relationships, Money, Success, or to Interrupt the Serenity of Another

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In the Hoodoo tradition, vinegar jars are used to “sour” a situation, while honey jars are used to “sweeten” someone toward you. They truly belong to the class of spells known as “bottle spells,” in which components are sealed inside a glass container for magical effects. The honey jar spell has seen numerous changes over the years and can also be used with components for sweetening someone or something, such as plain sugar, molasses, or syrup.Herbs related to the specific circumstance, occasionally personal worries, magical oils, and a written petition outlining the wish or goal are usually always included in the jar.

Although they need a little seclusion, honey jars are easy to create at home. For her own religious beliefs, someone I know’s mother-in-law would discard each honey jar her daughter-in-law had begun. The most crucial aspect is to give it all of your focus and intention. A honey jar will typically have candles burning on top of it for a few days to a few weeks.

honey jars hoodooHoney Jars for Love and Relationships –
This jar is designed to make your loved one feel softer and sweeter toward you. Along with your petition, stuff it with love-attracting materials like rose petals, lavender buds, Queen Elizabeth root, Love Attracting oil, and other herbs and essential oils.


Honey Jars for Money, Success and Business –honey jar spell
The ingredients in the honey jars used for success and money are substantially different from those used for love. The identical honey jars are used in our store to draw more consumers and business. Along with your petition, stuff yours with items that will attract money, such as cinnamon sticks, fenugreek seeds, patchouli oil, vetiver oil, five finger grass, alfalfa, and other herbs and essential oils.


Souring Vinegar Jar
souring jar hoodooThe opposite of a honey jar is a souring jar. It is intended to either keep people at bay or to make their lives miserable. A honey jar might entice someone to you, whereas a vinegar (or souring) jar irritates and repels them. is frequently employed for evil tasks like BreakUP work, which involves getting two people to dispute and then split ways. Additionally, it can be used to make Hotfoot work more effective at removing a subject.

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