How Spells Actually Work

What You Need to Know About My Services and Working With Me

I often find that people who want spells cast for them don’t always understand the dynamics of how magick actually works. This can be a real problem if they expect miraculous results every time they light a candle. I’ve created this guide to help provide answers about the work I do, what magick and spells are, and what you can expect from magical work.  – Papa Gee

Are spells guaranteed to work?

First, spells often DO work in ways you wouldn’t expect. True, they don’t always turn out exactly as we expect but they can often lead to more success and a life filled with a lot more luck. But spells, like prayers, don’t always work, and no one can promise guaranteed results. This is because magic and spiritual practices involve lots of different factors we can’t control. Just like with prayers, a spell’s outcome depends on things like how clear your intentions are, the energy you put in, external circumstances, and the will of the universe.

One reason spells might not work every time is that it’s tough to get everything perfectly aligned. The universe follows its own rules, and sometimes what we want doesn’t fit with the bigger picture. So, even if you create the perfect spell, sometimes the answer is “no” or “not now.”

spell of protectionMany times, the person asking for a spell to be performed is the main reason it fails. Every choice you make, everything you say, and every move you make every minute of the day can affect whether or not a spell will work. If you cast a spell to pass a test, you still must study hard. A spell for a job doesn’t mean you get a free pass for a bad interview or lack the skills needed. Casting a spell of communication won’t work if you argue with your target when they finally call. A spell to force an ex to return will fail if they don’t love you, and if they do return and the past problems are not corrected, it could lead to a repeat breakup.

Self-sabotage is the main reason why a spell might fail. If you’re doing spellwork to have an ex-love return to you desperately, but you’re actively seeing other people, you’re sending the Universe a mixed message. Are you there ready to receive them back or not?  If you are only applying for jobs you aren’t qualified for, your job spell is probably going to fail. If you are pining for someone and want to be with them, but you don’t have the guts to actually TELL that person you are interested in them – you’re not putting in the necessary work. Or, you want your love to return but everytime you speak to them you are negative, bring up old wrongs, or start an argument, you are working against your spell to bring them home. You want that special person to notice you but you don’t bother grooming yourself to make yourself attractive? Once again, you’re working against yourself. So, your active PARTICIPATION in how you conduct your life has everything to do with how well a spell performs.

When it comes to love spells, being honest with yourself is a MAJOR factor. Everyone seems to want to blame the other woman he left you for with, “she’s used black magic to get him away from me!” Possible. But most of the time, it is unlikely. I’ve seen clients use this as a cop-out so they don’t have to take responsibility for their part in why the relationship didn’t work in the first place. If you had a part to play in the demise of the relationship, be honest about it and apologize for it. An apology will go much further than a pink love candle. Now, an apology PLUS a pink love candle might be a pretty good combination! But if he has blocked you on all his social media, hangs up when you call, and has a restraining order on you, (don’t think I haven’t seen this scenario) then you need to face facts, put the candels down and leave that man alone. I always say, the best ingredient in a love spell is a healthy dose of self-respect.

It’s also good to remember that spells, like prayers, often work in subtle ways. You might not see immediate results. Instead, they could show up slowly or in unexpected forms. For instance, a spell for career growth might not get you a promotion right away, but it could lead to networking opportunities or skill development that help you grow professionally over time.

In both magic and spirituality, patience and perseverance are crucial. Be open to the idea that your desired outcome might take time or come in a different form than you expected. Sometimes, you have to do continuous spellwork to get results. This openness helps you align better with the natural flow of energy and the universe’s dynamics.

Spells are complex, ever-changing processes influenced by many internal and external factors. If anyone says their spell is guaranteed to work, run away—you’re about to get scammed.

What I DO guarantee is that, when I perform candle and spellwork for you, the work will be performed for you to the best of my ability using all my knowledge and energy. Why can’t I absolutely guarantee your end result? Because no one can — a doctor cannot guarantee he can cure you; a lawyer cannot guarantee they will win your court case. But, a good doctor or lawyer will do their best work on your behalf. I can tell you that if you adjust your behavior, attitude, and choices to align with what you seek, together, we have a greater chance of achieving your goal.

My candles spells – the difference in same-day candle spells, 7-day candle altar services, and larger rituals

same-day candle spells

Same-day chime candle spells are for when you’re looking for a quick boost of magical energy. They are called ‘same day’ because I burn them the same day you order them and you receive  a picture and a report in a couple ofsame day candle spell days. They’re designed to give you a little nudge in the right direction, but keep in mind, they are not meant to create huge, life-changing results. While some folks believe these spells can fix any problem, it’s key to remember they’re meant to offer a small, helpful push. These candles are perfect for tackling everyday challenges or short-term goals. For example, if you’re preparing for an important meeting, want to lift your mood, or hope to attract some good luck, a same-day chime candle spell can be just what you need. Just keep in mind that they can boost your efforts but are not meant to replace bigger, more complex rituals.

More elaborate rituals, like those using 7-day candles, are intended for deeper and longer-lasting magical work. A 7-day candle keeps your intentions and prayers alive for a whole week as it burns. This extended time period helps you connect more deeply with your goals and build up spiritual energy.

Chime candles are also practical because they’re inexpensive, making them great for quick and simple spells. It’s wise to stay realistic—these affordable candles can offer minor boosts and address immediate needs but aren’t miracle workers. They won’t fix deep-seated issues or make all your dreams come true overnight. This is where people sometimes get confused. Let’s be sensible. A little candle that costs less than $6? Do you REALLY think that is going to force your ex to leave his new girlfriend and come running back to you? These are meant to sprinkle the air with your magical intention to help open a door for you. On the other hand, burning them on a regular basis should help build the energy.

Same-day chime candle spells provide a quick burst of magic to help guide things in your favor. They’re best for smaller, more immediate issues rather than expecting them to perform big miracles that require more intensive ritual work.

7-day candle altar services

On the other hand, 7-day candles offer more focus and power because they burn longer. This lets your intentions stay active all week,goddess 7 day candle spell creating stronger and more sustained energy for your spells or prayers. Lighting a 7-day candle is like having a continuous prayer or meditation dedicated to your goal for an entire week, helping to build momentum and gather spiritual energy.

The longer burn time of a 7-day candle also allows for more complex rituals. You can add daily affirmations, meditations, and other offerings to strengthen your intention, syncing with the energy flow throughout the week. This helps you stay connected with your goal, making it more powerful and meaningful.

Ultimately, the 7-day candle creates a sacred space that stays active all week, becoming the central focus of your spiritual environment. It continuously radiates your intentions and draws in supportive energy, making it ideal for big life changes, long-term goals, or complex issues that need more than a quick fix.

In contrast, same-day chime candles are great for short-term needs and quick fixes, but they don’t offer the sustained energy and focus of a 7-day candle. While they provide a quick push when needed, they can’t match the prolonged, steady flow of magical power that a 7-day candle provides.

Think of it as making a heartfelt wish compared to committing to a week-long practice where you express, reflect on, and strengthen that wish every day. The latter creates a stronger, more lasting energy field around your intention, making it more likely to come true.

In short, 7-day candles offer a unique level of focus and power, burning for a whole week and making sure your intentions stay active and strong, consistently working towards your goals.

larger rituals

Bigger candle spells and rituals can have more power and potential than 7-day candle spells because they are more complex andreturn to me spell require a lot of focus from the spellcaster. These advanced rituals usually involve a more detailed setup, using various magical tools like figural candles, stones, symbols, and sigils that are carefully chosen to match the spell’s goal.

Larger rituals often use figural candles to focus on an individual and sometimes crystals and stones because of their powerful energies. These are often placed around the altar to boost the spell’s power. Symbols and sigils, which are special designs with magical meanings, might also be included in the ritual. These are either drawn or carved onto candles, parchment, or other  ritual items to help focus the energy toward the desired outcome.

The spellcaster’s role in these bigger rituals is vital. Unlike simpler spells or a single 7-day candle, these larger rituals need a lot of the spellcaster’s personal energy. The spellcaster carefully plans and customizes each part of the ritual to ensure everything perfectly suits the person’s needs and situation. This involves detailed preparation, such as picking the right times (like lunar phases) and aligning astrological influences.

During the ritual, the spellcaster might meditate, chant, and visualize to build and direct the spell’s energy. This intense focus helps create a powerful intent, which is then released through the different parts of the ritual. The spellcaster’s energy, along with the symbolic power of the tools used, creates a strong force aimed at achieving the desired outcome.

Because these bigger candle spells and rituals are so detailed and require a lot of personal involvement, they are often more expensive. The cost reflects the materials used and the spellcaster’s significant time, effort, and expertise. The resulting spells are usually more powerful and effective, finely tuned to address specific issues with more depth.

Although larger candle spells and rituals might be more powerful than 7-day candles because of their detailed and personalized approach, they aren’t always necessary, depending on the situation. Sometimes, a 7-day candle altar service will do the trick and might be an excellent way to start the path of a spell to see if that is all that is needed before moving on to a larger ritual.

How long will it take for my spell to work?

Honestly, there’s no perfect answer to how long it takes for a spell to work. Figuring out the timing is tricky because everyone’s situation is different. Think of a spell as asking Spirits, the Universe, God, or any higher power to open a door for you and give you a chance to make something happen. It’s like asking how long for a prayer to “work.” And, as we already covered, it might not work at all. But, I’ve seen many that DID work over these past 30 years of being in the magical arts.

mirror box spellBut here’s the thing: Are you doing everything you can on your end to make it happen? Are your actions matching up with what you’re asking for? How are you reacting to the situations that come up? Are you being real with yourself about your role in the situation? Are you around people who support you or those who drag you down? Are you making things happen yourself or just waiting for a candle’s flame to do all the work?

The door is open for you, but it’s up to you to walk through it. Some say to watch for a small sign within 3 days to a week. By three weeks, things usually start moving in one direction or the other. And after about three months, you’ll probably have a clear idea if it’s working or not. But, remember, this is just a rough guide and it doesn’t fit everyone’s situation. There’s no way to tell how long a spell might take or whether it’ll work, especially when I can’t see what you’re doing to help (or hinder) your own situation.

It is important to remember that spells and prayers are not a quick fix or a guarantee. They are tools that can assist us in achieving our goals, but ultimately it is up to us to put in the work and make the necessary changes in our lives. It may take longer for some spells to manifest because of factors such as free will, timing, and karma. Also, remember that sometimes what we think we want may not be best for us in the long run. Trusting the process and having patience is crucial when working with spells and prayers.

It is essential to have a positive mindset and believe in the power of the spell or prayer. Doubt and negative thoughts can block the manifestation process, so it is crucial to let go of any doubts and have faith in the outcome.

Lastly, remember to always show gratitude for any signs or results that come from your spell or prayer. Gratitude can amplify the effects of the spell and attract even more blessings into your life. Trust in the process, have faith in yourself, and stay open to the possibilities that may come from your spell or prayer. While it is true that sometimes the answer to your petition is “no” and  we have to reach a point where we accept that, sometimes spells just take longer to manifest than we would like. Just remember, the Universe is not designed to work on YOUR timeline. True, a spell is all about asking a higher power to rearrange things in your favor, which is often quite possible. But it may not happen overnight. Don’t get sucked into the idea of what a spell is by what television entertains you with. Contrary to popular belief, spellcasting is not like an episode of Charmed. If you’re expecting to light a candle, recite a few words from an old dusty book and then BAM – you’re surrounded by fairy dust scattered through the air and immediately get your wish, you’ve come to the wrong conclusion. Spells just don’t work that way. Never. – except in movies.

Is your spell reasonable or plausible?

To make a spell work, the request must be reasonable and based in reality. Magic follows the laws of nature, so expecting it to produce unrealistic results won’t work. For example, it is highly unreasonable for a man to cast a spell with the intention that every woman he meets will desire him. (Yes, I’ve seen this one too) Such a broad and all-encompassing request defies logic and disregards the complexities of human emotions. It’s unrealistic to expect every woman to be attracted to him, like in a TV show or movie. Real magic doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t force people to feel a certain way

Instead of using magic for impossible situations, focusing on achievable goals is better. For example, casting a spell to boost personal charm and confidence can make someone more appealing to potential partners and is more in line with how magic works effectively. By setting realistic goals, you can use magic to create positive and meaningful changes that align with the natural course of life.

A spell for weight loss by itself is unreasonable. However, a spell to boost your willpower will help with achieving weight loss.

A spell to become a fantastic singer when you just aren’t is unreasonable. However, a spell to give you the confidence to excel in singing lessons might lead to a much better singing voice, maybe even a great one.

My point is that spells, while considered supernatural, work best when you try to manipulate the natural world (or at least bend the rules) in your favor. Once again, are you taking your spell tips from TV? If so, knock it off.

Is your spell justified?

community success spellSpells that lack integrity, such as those cast out of spite or meanness, often fail because they go against the fundamental principles of the Universe. In essence, a justified spell means that the action you take fits the situation. Just like how punishments should fit the crime, the same principle applies to spells. If someone threatens your personal safety, finances, marriage, home, career, or reputation, you may have a valid reason to cast a spell against them. The key is that the spell’s intent should be morally balanced with what they did to you. When a spell is truly justified, and your intentions are fair, you typically don’t need to worry about negative repercussions from performing binding, banishment, or curse spells.

Because it bears repeating, the punishment should fit the crime. This idea is based on retributive justice, which means that when someone wrongs you, they should face consequences proportional to their actions. For example, if a boyfriend breaks up with you, it’s not a good reason to cast a harmful spell. However, if he also betrayed you by sleeping with your sister and stealing your car, that could justify a more severe response.

Think of it this way: When driving, you don’t get the death penalty for not using your turn signal, nor do you get a warning ticket for homicide. The dictionary defines “justified” as having a just, right, or reasonable basis. Just because you feel hurt or angry doesn’t automatically make a spell justified. Sometimes, it’s best to step back and consider the situation carefully before deciding on any magical action. Waiting a week before casting a spell can give you the perspective needed to ensure your actions are truly justified.


I hope this clears up any confusion about how spells and spiritual work actually function. As I’ve mentioned many times, people often confuse the magical world with what they see on television or have unrealistic expectations about a spell’s outcome. Some believe that simply lighting a candle will magically change everything overnight without putting in any real-world effort to improve their situation. In reality, magic is about aligning your intentions and actions with the natural laws of the Universe. It requires patience, ethical consideration, and, often, tangible steps in the real world to bring about the desired change. – Papa Gee