How to Paint Polymer Clay with Mica Powder

This is the first video in a series that I intend to release FIRST to my Patreon patrons, then two months later on YouTube. However, with it being the first, I decided to show it on all my platforms to let you get a sneak preview of what I intend to share in the future. Depending on the tier you sign up for, you will be able to watch mini classes (like this one) on a variety of topics as well as full length workshops. While it wasn’t my intention, I must admit that this video has an asmr quality to it.

How to paint your polymer clay creations with mica powder before baking. I’ve found that if I paint my polymer clay jewelry with mica powder before the baking process that the mica adheres to the piece and very little, if any, rubs off when it completely hardens. Some pieces I leave as is while others I may use a matte varnish to seal it in. It all depends on how much mica was used. Using colored clay will allow you to use less mica and it will have less chance of rubbing off. Since I used a beige clay with the two pieces I show in the video, quite a bit mica got on my fingers after they were baked so they will need a coating added. In this video, I demonstrate the technique on a quartz crystal piece that I have added polymer clay to the end to create a pendant.

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