How to Read a 7 Day Candle – Unpublished Book Excerpt Sneak Peek

This is from my upcoming, unpublished book, Papa Gee’s Little Book of Candle Magic – available only to members!


One of the most noticeable effects of candle burning is soot on a candle. Even if in the material world one would simply dismiss this as soot, in the spiritual realm we are aware that there is a message to be found in that soot.

Black soot is a symbol of negativity and roadblocks. The negative impact or hurdle has been removed if the soot does not go all the way down the glass, stops merely at the top, or maybe even stops in the middle.

If the black covers the entire length of the candle, your efforts have been thwarted, and obstacles continue to stand in the way of your success. It may also mean that someone has cast a spell against you or that you are under strong spiritual defense. Burn another candle if this is the case in an effort to get past their defenses.

If there is soot at the bottom of the candle, this is a sign that unfavorable energy is being directed at you. When someone casts a negative spell against you, something may occur.

The issue with white soot is very different. This can be a sign of exorcism, purity, or spiritual communion. It can be a sign that the ghosts have heard your prayers and have taken the evil out of the work. Particularly in unhexing rituals, this is true. Once more, the amount of soot will indicate whether or not the job is finished.

The cleaning was effective if the soot only fell halfway or less.

If the soot extends the entire length of the candle, you might want additional spiritual and purifying treatment.

If there is soot at the bottom of the candle, it denotes the availability of outside assistance, either literally or spiritually.

If the candle burns half white and half black, it indicates that one factor is taking precedence over the other. To see what was undone, look at what is on top.

If the candle has soot on only one side, examine it from the front of the candle. Identifying the front of the candle is easy when it has a label or printing on it. but if it has none and you want to make sure that you can easily tell which is the front side of the candle, mark it at the bottom with a small line using a black marker. If the soot is on the right side, blockages are coming from the material world, such as real people in your life. If the soot is on the left side, it is more than likely a larger, universal matter standing in your way.


Small streaks on the inside of the glass usually indicate some sadness involved in a situation. The streaks usually represent tears. This is one interpretation. Others say this means there will be a lot of emotions to go through before your situation resolves itself.

A thick layer of wax left in the bottom of the jar that would not burn is a sign of obstacles. The thicker the wax that won’t burn, the greater the obstacle. 

If only a small amount of wax is left behind in the bottom, it can either mean a small obstacle will present itself or that the candle itself is the problem and has nothing to do with a magical meaning.

When a ring of leftover wax in the bottom is obviously present but there is a clear, round spot in the bottom, it usually indicates that you will overcome these barriers and can “see the light at the end of the tunnel.” I think of this as looking through a telescope. If I can lift up the candle and look into it and see out the bottom side,  even if it is a small circle with no wax, I take it as a good sign.

Wax left on one side of the candle – both sides represent small obstacles in your way. But if there is wax clinging to the left side of the candle jar, the energy standing in your way will be stronger than if the wax is clinging to the right side.

The interpretation of smoke and wax patterns in 7-day candles is an effective technique for determining the outcome of your spiritual activity. By paying close attention to the patterns and trusting your intuition, you can decipher the hidden messages within the smoke and wax, enabling you to make adjustments, confront obstacles, and ultimately manifest your desires with greater success.

This new book should be released by Fall of 2023. I hope that, as a member, you enjoyed this sneak peek!
-Papa Gee