Membership Registration Overview and Benefits

learn about hoodoo witchcraft and folk magicThank you for checking out my Members-only service. I’m an author and folklorist who has woven together my Appalachian Granny Magic heritage in Kentucky, with my years of performing Rootwork, and my 30 + year study of Witchcraft to create my own unique magical practice. Many know me from my books, classes, and videos on the topic of folk magic customs. For over 20 years, my husband and I have owned and operated the largest metaphysical shop in Tennessee, aromaG’s Botanica, where we offer artisan-made magickal tools using our own recipes and formulas.

I’ve created this membership for those who wish to support my teaching of the magickal arts whether it be through print, video, vintage reproductions, or art. I am moving my services from other sites like Patreon and Podia to right here – my own website where I plan to offer a wide range of members-only learning material about folk magic and the occult. (scroll down for more details). I conduct candle altar services, spellwork, and tarot readings for clients from my private chapel on our property. You can find my books on my Amazon author page.  – Papa Gee

  • weekly articles on folk magic
  • exclusive spells & rituals
  • witchy tips & tricks
  • Original art for you to use on your own site or social media posts
  • essential oil profiles
  • herb profiles and recipes
  • Occasional access to Unpublished Works – See excerpts from upcoming books before they are published!
  • Monthly mini-class VIDEOS about something witchy or crafty and you’ll get to see it 2 months before my YouTube audience.
  • monthly LIVE video podcast. Members have exclusive access to the chat room during airing.
  • new content every week!

Monthly mini lessons via Video
Every month members get a free mini-class on a witchy topic on video lasting between 10 and 15 minutes long. While I will be offering full-length courses on my site as well, these videos will focus on a single, more focused topic. It’s true – sometimes I get the itch to make more videos so don’t be shocked when, some months, you get more than one video lesson. Topics might range from: crafting pages for your book of shadows, herb magic, folklore, hauntings, spell work, magical crafting, tarot tips, and so much more.



Essential Oils and Herb Profiles and Recipes
I started researching herbalism over 30 years ago and, while many people know me for my magical work, I am also a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist as well as a perfumist. So, when I create magical recipes using herbs, roots, and flowers – it isn’t only the magical uses I’m selecting them for but also their aromatherapeutic, medicinal, and scent values. These profiles and articles will help you do the same to give your herbal and floral concoctions more depth and layers. Some will focus mainly on aromatherapy, others on medicinal values, some on strictly magic, and others a full combination.


Royalty-free ART for you to use on your own website or social media sites
I took art classes for four years and can draw, paint, and sculpt. I’ve created works in watercolor, acrylic paint, charcoal, pointillism, pencil, and mixed media. When AI came around, I found it can take something I created from scratch and turn it into something completely different – sometimes more in-depth than my own talents allowed. Of course, I also enjoy creating AI Art from a blank slate using nothing but the finely crafted words of a good writer! Members will have access to these original works that can be used on your own web pages and social media posts. The only agreement we will have is that you cannot take these works and claim them as your own or use them on merchandise for sale. And, of course, most of the pictures you will find here will be metaphysical oriented: fairies, witches, goblins, ghosts, demons, haunted forests, witchy shops, dusty bottles and books – the possibilities are endless!

Monthly Live Podcast with special guests
On the first Thursday of every month I will host an hour-long live video podcast show, Fireside Folklore. For the first 10 minutes we will discuss what is going on in the world and the magical community as well as introduce our special guest. From there we will discuss a magical or metaphysical topic for 30 minutes. The next 15 minutes will be dedicated to your questions from the live chat. We will close by pulling three tarot cards to give you a theme and guidance for the week ahead. The video of the podcast (a vodcast) will be uploaded to my Youtube channel the next day. As a member, you have to opportunity of participating in the live chat room and possibly have your questions answered while the show is airing live. Fireside Folklore with Papa Gee – 1st Thursday of every month. 4 p.m. Pacific, 7 p.m. Eastern time.