Mini Aroma Mojo store

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Everyone that knows us is aware that we have a full retail store in the Donelson area of Nashville where our main Aromagregory products are sold (as well as the White Mojo line). For those who don’t know us personally, it is located at 223 Donelson Pike inside the One2Yoga building.

But, I wanted to talk about our cute, little mini-store.  Inside the studio where I perform readings there is a wide entry foyer. On one side is my altar. On the other side is a set of built-in shelves that were there when we moved in. After about five tubes of calking and ten coats of white paint, it transformed into the perfect spot for clients to pick up something they need.  I don’t mean we are running a shop out of our home – no, this is strictly for clients who are already coming for a reading or energy work.  So, no dropping by for purchases – that’s what the main location is for.

All the most-used essential oils are there along with with: condition oils, sachet powders, chakra oils, soaps, and soap gift sets.  Besides, there are times when a client comes out of a session or reading and it is apparent they need something like lavender oil for relaxation. Why refuse them and tell them to drive all the way over to the store when they are already there? Pretty cute, huh?