Money Drawing Altar

Money Drawing Altar

money altar

There is finally a good space for a money drawing altar.  Now that Roy has his own space in the healing cottage, and I have revamped my reading room, it was time to pull out this little table that has been waiting patiently for over a year for us to find it a purpose. This was set up at the end of April so you have my apologies for not posting about it before now.

On the back left you will see the little three-legged pig, which was given to me by a friend. The Chanchitos pig originates from a little village near Pomaire, Chili where the land is fertile and prosperous. It is given as a token of good fortune, luck, and good will.

To the right you will see the happy pink piggy bank I found at the flea market, just four days after setting up the money altar. In his hand, he is holding a money bag with the $ symbol on it. I paid six dollars for this cute fella. I have nothing to back it up, but his style and coloring leads me to believe that he may be more than a few years old – the style reminds me of figurines that were created in the 70’s.  Of course, we offered up coins for his belly!

In the front are mine and Roy’s honey jars filled with cinnamon sticks, fenugreek, gold dollars coins and silver dimes along with some pyrite and our business cards (which we’ve written our financial intentions on).  Green candles are burned on top of the jars when they need a boost but I keep a green seven-day candle behind and light it daily for a constant boost.

Towards the back left is my Money-Drawing oil along with Lucky Mojo Money Drawing oil.  And, of course, cash and coins laid out among cinnamon sticks. On one of the dollars is a large piece of lodestone – on the other, a piece of pyrite.  So there you have it – our money drawing altar.