Notice Me Fire and Ice Spell

This is for grabbing the attention of someone who just doesn’t seem to notice you. Tapping into the energy of how opposites attract, it is intended to make them notice your good qualities that they are not seeing. You’ll need a pink taper or offertory candle and a smaller yellow candle. Carve your name, dob, etc., into the pink candle and their name into the yellow candle. Light yellow and drip all over the pink candle.

Get a large fire-safe bowl and a smaller fire- safe bowl that will fit inside the larger one. The pink candle goes in the smaller vessel. In the larger bowl, place nine ice cubes and the rose petals. Burn candle halfway down. Next night, pour off melted ice cubes and save the water. Repeat the spell with nine new ice cubes and more rose petals. Allow the candle to burn the rest of the way down. Take the melted ice water from both days and add it to your bathwater.

– from my book: Casting Love Spells: Rituals of Love, Passion, and Attraction