Candle Altar Services - Setting of Lights

Candle altar services are often called light settings. Setting Lights is a prayer, a basic spellwork, to help attain an objective. Sometimes termed a candle vigil or altar service. The client writes me a petition to express what they want or need. I keep candle vigils for you on our altars. Glass-encased vigil candles burn 5–7 days.

I prepare the candles with the herbs and oils you requested, pray over them, and charge them before lighting them. Your condition may demand a certain candle color. Green is the most prevalent candle color for money drawing magic, blue for healing, red for love, etc. Many spells, prayers, and rituals use candles, the most common kind of magic.

My candles are called seven-day candles, but some burn for five or nine days. Your candle is put on the altar in order of receipt. We usually have numerous candles burning and must wait a few days to add more. Your candle usually arrives at the altar within a few days of ordering.

You can burn candles back-to-back. Set lights in runs. Runs come in 2 or 3. After your initial candle goes out, your petition is placed on the next candle and ignited, starting the process again. Some do this to “keep on top of” a bad circumstance. All candles are burned on our altars for you; you will not get them by mail. But, you do receive a spiritual report on how they burned.

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