Same-Day Candle Spells

Same Day Simple Candle Spells – A Boost of Magical Energy
Here are a few candle spells I do the same day. They are designed to be little spurts of magical energy directed toward you, a tiny dose of candle magic for when you need a little encouragement. With a few exceptions on Sundays, I burn these on my altars for customers every day. I sell them on my Etsy shop and on my website. What is meant by same-day? They get burned for you the same day if your order is submitted before 4 p.m. Central Time. After that, a photo of your unique candle is emailed to you.

The same-day candle spell is a straightforward yet effective candle service that is burned the same day you place your order to transfer energy in your way. The duration of these spell candles’ burn is roughly two to four hours. Typically, these candles burn extremely cleanly and produce little wax residue. Thus, divination is not performed with wax. Remember that you will only get a photo of the candle when it was lit, not a detailed report on HOW the candle burnt.

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