Breakup Candle Altar Service


Not just for breaking up a couple of lovers but also for ending bad business relationships quickly. Most people turn to break up work when they want two lovers to separate. But, when using it to make two business associates part ways, it is usually best to carefully plan ahead what type of spell or ritual you will use the oil with. After all, a business should be dissolved fairly. Meaning, the company shouldn’t break up because one partner emptied the bank accounts and left the country, leaving the other high and dry. Warning: if the breakup is not JUSTIFIED the spell will usually not work in your favor so, if you are asking for a breakup, it better be for the right reasons.

When it comes to love, the Break candle spell is often cast with the intention that the person being sought will be drawn to the person casting the spell once the current relationship stops. As important as it is to remember, breaking up with someone doesn’t mean that the person you want will automatically be drawn to you. Doing Love Attracting or Come to Me work at the same time can greatly improve the chances of this happening.


I prepare candle vigils in your name and leave them continuously burning on our altars. These glass encased vigil candles burn between 5 and 7 days.

Making Out Your Request – Your Petition

How to make out your petition: There is a section below asking you to fill out your petition or prayer. If you need to send me photos, you can always Email Me. Your petition describes your situation and what you would like to happen. Including birthdate information for all those involved is helpful but not necessary.

When you place your order, it may take a few days before your candle reaches the altar because other candle services before you are still burning. After your work completes, you should receive a report in about 2 weeks AFTER the burn time. Remember, ordering candles in runs will add to the time for your work to complete.

Order Candles in Runs. Increase the power of your petition. This is called setting lights in runs. I offer candles in runs of 2 and 3. A run of candles keeps your petition going and helps to create a divination story in the glass. I light setting runs the old fashioned way: the next candle is not lit until the first one finishes burning, then the next, and so on. Please remember that this approach adds to the amount of time before you receive a report. A single candle takes a week to burn, a run of two would take 2 weeks to burn, and a run of three would take 3 weeks to burn. I no longer offer runs of 7 candles as they require a large amount of storage space and many clients have misunderstood that they take over 2 months to burn before they receive a report.

My candle altar services have always included a complete report but no photograph. You can now add this option here.


BREAK UP candle spell