Gris-Gris Charm Packet


I create each charm packet uniquely for you and the situation you are facing. Before adding any ingredients, I write your petition on the inside of the paper using sigils (magical symbols). That way, if anyone were to ever discover your packet and open it, they couldn’t decipher your prayer, and it would remain a secret. Next, I anoint the paper in a quincunx pattern, with one drop in the center and one on each corner, using either rum, whiskey, or a magical perfume. Sometimes a charm is added, depending on your prayer. I then add finely ground herbs and other ingredients chosen just for you, fold the paper into a square packet, and wind it shut on all four sides with the embroidery thread. I usually choose a thread color that corresponds to what you are asking for. I prefer to use ornate or decorative paper to create my packets, or brown paper that I have printed a pattern on myself.

A charm packet (or paquet) is a type of gris-gris that is made in the same way a mojo bag is, except that it is made with paper. Gris-Gris means “fetish” or “charm.” The magical ingredients of herbs, incense, sometimes tobacco, dried flowers, roots, charms, (all depending on your situation) are spread onto a piece of square paper that is then folded in a way that creates an envelope.

Similar to how other mojo bags are referred to, this kind of Gris-Gris is occasionally called a “Toby.” I like to refer to it as a “charm packet” or “packet.” In Louisiana, where French is a common language, they are frequently referred to as “paquets,” pronounced “p-AH-kai-t.”

What makes a charm packet a better choice for some people? They are simpler to carry and conceal, which is the key factor. The packet can easily be carried in a pocket or even a wallet because it is only around 2 inches square when fully folded. They are simple to conceal in public places, such as on your altar, inside a book, or attached to the back of a picture frame. The decision between a packet and a mojo bag is entirely up to you. The strength of either one is equal to that of the other. The care instructions for your charm packet are included.


Gris-Gris Charm Packet