Chicken Foot Protection Charm – red black gold


This chicken foot charm is painted gold and decorated with red, gold, and black feathers, a feng shui coin charm, and a handmade polymer clay charm. It is the chicken foot featured in the YouTube video on how to make chicken foot talismans.

Each of my chicken foot talismans are hand painted, wrapped, and adorned by me. No two are alike. Chicken feet have been used in many folk magic practices (mainly Hoodoo, Voodoo, and Santeria) as a form of protection as well as a warning to keep enemies at bay. You can use chicken feet talismans to ward off curses, evil spirits, and theft. They are excellent for retaliating when you are the target of evil.

These can be hung anywhere you need protection, including over doorways, beds, altars, windows, and vehicles. Chicken feet can also be used in ritual or spell work to defend against and eliminate any hex work, curses, or overall negativity. It can be used as a warning to “scratch back” someone who is working against you.



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chicken foot talisman