Community MONEY DRAWING Candle Altar Service – (EVERY THURSDAY)


Community Candle Altar Service for MONEY DRAWING and prosperity. In this group working we’ll be focusing all of our collective energy on bringing in more money, profits, and prosperity.
To include yourself in this community rootwork and candle service, be sure to include your petition or prayer in the space provided along with your name. You may include birthdates or zodiac signs for all involved, if you wish. All petitions received will be included in this community ritual where I will use candles blessed and dressing specifically for Money Drawing and Prosperity. Your names will be carved into a spell candle that represents you.

This will be performed every Thursday for both my Etsy and website clients. Magically speaking, Thursdays as associated with: Honor, Wealth, Healing, Harvest, Prosperity, Abundance, Loyalty, Business, and Merchants. Your order must be placed by 3:00 pm central time to be included in the weekly service. If your order arrives after that time, you will be included the following week.

This does NOT include an emailed report. THIS IS NOT SHIPPED TO YOU. However, pictures will be posted for everyone to witness on my Instagram and Facebook.


Community Candle Altar Service for MONEY DRAWING and prosperity.