Folk Art Wooden Peg Dolls – Voodoo dolls


I paint each of these wooden peg dolls in the folk art tradition, and no two are alike. They are 3.5 inches tall and made of solid wood. After painting the symbols and decorations, I seal each one to protect the surface.

These dolls serve a unique purpose: they are effigies designed to represent another person. This is a concept deeply rooted in folk magic traditions, where an effigy can be used in rituals or spells to affect the person it represents symbolically. Whether you’re performing a ritual of protection, love, healing, or influence, these hand-painted wooden peg voodoo dolls can be used as a central focus, helping you channel your intentions and achieve your magical goals.

So, what is folk art?

Folk art is typically characterized by its functionality, simplicity, and vibrancy. It often serves practical purposes, such as household items or religious artifacts, but it can also be purely decorative. One of the most notable aspects of folk art is its reflection of cultural identity. The motifs, materials, and techniques used in folk art are deeply rooted in local customs and traditions. This makes each piece of folk art a unique representation of the culture from which it originates.


Folk Art Wooden Peg Dolls