Healing Energy Spell – Prayers to Dr. José Gregorio Hernández for Healing


This ritual is all about asking for prayers of healing and health – petitioning the saints for healing energy to be sent so that our physical bodies can begin repairing themselves to bring us back to a state of good health. This can be any type of healing, depending upon how you write you petition: for health of the body, disease, for mental and emotional healing, or to heal from past traumas so that you can move forward.

In this healing spell, I call upon the help of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández as well as any other saints or deities who wish to help in healing. Doctor Jose Gregorio Hernandez, a Venezuelan, was renowned for his medical expertise as well as his altruism in providing free care to the underprivileged. He is sometimes referred to as the impoverished people’s doctor.

When you place your order, it may take a few days before your working reaches the altar because of candle services and other rituals orders before you that are finishing up. After your work completes, you should receive a report in about 2 weeks. So, around 3 weeks all together