La Madama Same-Day candle service


In Latin American and Afro-Caribbean folk magic, La Madama is a highly esteemed spirit. She is regarded as a wise, benevolent, and guiding power since she personifies the essence of an elderly woman. La Madama, who is typically shown as a matronly, African-American woman dressed in traditional garb, is a potent representation of ancestors’ knowledge and adeptness in the home. She is said to provide support in many areas of life, especially in relation to healing, prosperity, protection, and wisdom. La Madama’s power is invoked in healing rituals to offer consolation and healing while simultaneously safeguarding the security and safety of a person’s home to keep it a loving haven.

This is a simple (but potent) candle service to get the energy flowing in your direction and is burned the same day you order it. These spell candles burn approximately 2 to 4 hours long. These candles traditionally burn very cleanly and leave no wax behind. So, no divination is done in the wax. Keeping this in mind, you will not receive a special report on HOW the candle burned, simply a picture of when it was lit.

PLEASE READ! This candle is NOT SHIPPED TO YOU. It is burned on your behalf and you are sent a picture in the messaging system on my website. You can access messages by logging into your account. I take the picture when I light the candle. I use the petition / prayer that you provide me in the personalization box that accompanies your order – then I dress your candle with the appropriate herbs and oil for you situation. thank you. Papa Gee


La Madama Same-Day candle service