Marie Laveau Oil – for community and unity


Marie Laveau, known as the “Queen of Voodoo” in New Orleans, is a mysterious and influential figure. People from various backgrounds seek her assistance for different reasons. She is renowned for her deep understanding of love. It is believed that Marie Laveau’s energy can guide individuals to happiness, whether they are seeking new love, trying to mend a broken heart, or hoping to strengthen a relationship. She also offers protection against harm and hostility. Her healing knowledge alleviates both emotional and physical suffering.

Many believe that seeking Marie Laveau’s assistance can influence the pursuit of justice and the amicable settlement of disputes. Invoking Marie Laveau’s spirit is thought to enhance a person’s spiritual connections, assist in the development of psychic abilities, and contribute to their spiritual development. Additionally, people seek her help in achieving their personal, professional, and academic goals.

Marie Laveau is often sought after to address individuals’ personal needs, reconcile disputes between groups, foster unity within communities, and promote harmony and understanding. She continues to provide unwavering support to those in need and is revered for her kindness, courage, and wisdom.

Papa Gee’s oils are made for ritual, prayer, and spellwork and contain the living ingredients that were historically used for this magickal purpose.

Contains: lavender, litsea, ylang-ylang- orris root, high john root, damiana, and other herbs and essential oils + fine fragrance.


Healing is another area where Marie Laveau oil can be beneficial. You can create a healing sachet by filling a small bag with herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and lavender, and then anointing the sachet with the oil. Place this sachet under your pillow or near your bed to promote physical and emotional healing. You can also anoint blue candles with the oil during healing rituals. Light the candles while envisioning health and wellness being restored to yourself or someone you care about. Adding a few drops to your bathwater can create a soothing and restorative healing bath.

To enhance financial prosperity and success, you can use Marie Laveau oil to attract wealth and opportunities. During money-drawing rituals, anoint green candles with the oil and light them while focusing on your financial goals. You can also apply a small amount of the oil to your wallet, bank statements, or business-related documents to attract abundance and career advancement. Additionally, writing your financial intentions on a piece of paper and placing it under a candle anointed with Marie Laveau oil can further amplify your efforts.