Rootworker Oil – all-purpose magical oil


Rootworker oil is a versatile formula that can be aligned with your specific intentions. Its unique blend includes elements of love, hate, money, lust, forgiveness, revenge, power, and other emotions, making it adaptable to virtually any need. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to be directed by your intentions – you tell it what to do, and it follows your command. This makes it perfect for situations where you have run out of a specific oil, as the Rootworker blend can replace it when you’re in a pinch. Some people refer to this type of oil as a “rootworker’s special” oil.

Rootworker oil is an essential tool for any magical practitioner due to its adaptability. It can be aligned with a wide range of intentions such as love, hate, money, lust, forgiveness, revenge, power, and more. This allows you to customize its use to meet your unique needs. By incorporating Rootworker oil into your magical practices, you can unlock its vast potential to support you in manifesting your diverse desires with precision and power.

Contains: lavender, tangerine, patchouli, vetiver, high john root, hydrangea, peppermint, oud, and other herbs and essential oils + fine fragrance.

Papa Gee’s oils are made for ritual, prayer, and spellwork and contain the living ingredients that were historically used for this magickal purpose.


rootworker oil