Psychic Vision Oils finished

Psychic Vision Oil

Conjured up my first batch of Psychic Vision oil this morning.  I’ve been holding off on this particular oil for the past couple of weeks because my Guides were holding out on me (I’m sure they have their good reasons, though).  Wanted to create this blend back in middle April but the ingredients just weren’t coming to me.

Of course, I knew all of the historical ingredients that are used for such work but that is not my total method.  First I have my list of which herbs, roots and oils were used to create condition oil blends. Then, my Guides tell me which ones to include (and sometimes introduce me to one or two new ingredients).

This morning was the day.  As usual, I never tell everything that is in my oils but I will say that some of the psychic vision blend ingredients include: calendula, wormwood, frankincense, ylang-ylang essential oil, and bitter almond (along with several others).

I love the way the label turned out. Perfect for Psychic Vision. But it is pretty ironic that I couldn’t get a psychic connection to my Guides to create the oil before now. But, they always know best.