Rootwork – Spellwork

spell casting nashville
spellwork for a healing practitioner to bring more clients to their healing business.

A major part of being a conjure doctor is performing rootwork and spell casting. I have experience in a variety of rootwork spells such as: honey jars, souring jars, candle altar services, and candle spells.

Honesty is something I value and will always be truthful with you about your situation; many say I am bluntly honest. I don’t beat around the bush and tell you only what you want to hear. I expect the same from you. Also, if I feel your particular situation is out of my area of expertise, I will refer you to another well-respected rootworker who would better help you. The initial consultation and reading is $75 and should be booked in advance through the booking system (more on that later).

souring bottle hoodoo
souring bottles are used to “sour” the situation of someone. This is one created for a client to prevent a co-worker from being promoted due to their “brown-nosing” over my client’s hard work.

What types of spells do you specialize in?
I’ve taken on cases dealing with:
love, money, reconciliation, matters of personal power, success
banishing and hotfoot work
protection, reversal, and uncrossing work
crossing, payback, and break-up work.

What types of spells do you refuse to perform?
any spell that is intended to bring sickness or bodily harm to another

any work that a reading tells me is unjustified or that I feel uncomfortable with.

Do you guarantee the spell will work?

spell work nashville
a breakup spell. This particular work was completely justified and was used to end a relationship and remove a negative and borderline sociopathic person from the relationship.

No spell can be absolutely guaranteed no more than a lawyer can 100% guarantee you the outcome of a court case or a doctor could absolutely guarantee he can cure you. Beware of rootworkers who offer you a 100% “for sure” guarantee.

How long does it take a spell to work? I’ve found that as a general rule, changes become evident in about 3 weeks in one direction or the other. Some people have reported small changes in 3 days, movement occurring after about 3 weeks, and things coming full circle after about 3 months. Keep in mind, each situation is unique and different

Can you just guide ME on how to perform a spell or rootwork?
I ENCOURAGE people to perform their own spellwork. After all, whatever your situation, YOU have to most to lose or gain and you have the capability of putting a great deal of passion and intention into the work. When you book a “spellwork / rootwork consultation and reading” with me ($70) we will discuss your situation, read the cards to see the best way to proceed, and then I can direct you to the proper herbs, roots, flowers, candles, and other ingredients and HOW and WHEN you will use them.

Do you have a specialty?
My strong-suit in spellwork is bringing about positive transformation and change – mostly through my spells dealing with money and success as well as helping a client blossom and “come into their own”, finding love, and discovering confidence and self-love. On the flip-side, I’m especially good at helping nasty and troublesome people to find their way out the door.