Using Dirt, Soil, and Dust in Spells and Rootwork

dirt in spells skullUsing dirt in hoodoo and rootwork. Whenever people talk about using dirt in spells, they always think of graveyard dirt. However, that is not the only dirt you can use. I like using dirt and soil in my workings to give the spell a grounding, an age-old connection. Sometimes, there is nothing as effective as drawing sigils in dirt and burning candles around them right there in the ground. Recently, I heard someone compare ‘moonlight’ work to ‘ditch magic.’ When I mentioned that I liked the sound of Ditch Magic, she made mention of getting muddy and smelly. While it was just an cute joke made by her young daughter (she actually said “don’t be a ditch witch, be a moon witch), there was something there that peaked my interest. Because I really would prefer ditch magic over moonlight magic. To me, the very concept can represent the difference in Ceremonial High Magic and Low-Country Sympathetic Magic. One can call upon the spirits of the air to aid in their workings, or kneel to the ground and dig into their roots. Don’t get me wrong – there is no right or wrong way. But the way that works for me is getting my hands dirty in a real, down-to-earth and practical way.

There are many ways of using dirt, soil, or dust in your spellwork that can help to connect you to a specific place, person, or idea. Here are just some of the ways:

Dirt from your own property can be used as an ingredient when you want to protect your home or the people in it.

Dirt from the property of an enemy is, of course, a little harder to get and may require a midnight stroll to pull it off. The edge of their yard works just as well as the center of it so be cautious in your collecting.

Dirt from a bank can be used in workings of prosperity. Especially good if you plan to apply for a loan at a particular bank.

Dirt from a church can be used in spiritual matters, prayers, and petitions. Some consider this a good place to collect dirt for love work. I’d think it would more suited for matters of marriage, especially if one was married in a church. Collect dirt from the church you were actually married in to use as an ingredient in work that strengthens your marriage such as ADAM and EVE spells.

Dirt from an ancestral home or homeland may be used to help connect with the spirits of your own ancestors or strengthen your connection to the past. You can also incorporate the dirt with that of your own property or in plantings to bring that ancestral connection to your own land.

If you plan on using dirt in your spells for many different reasons, it is a good idea to keep your dirt organized in labeled plastic bags. Better yet, a paper bag will allow the dirt to “breathe” and remain dry. And, above all, don’t be afraid to get down and do the “dirty work.”
— Papa Gee

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