Tarot Meanings

Tarot Cards and Their Basic Meaningssimple basic tarot card meanings

Welcome to the fascinating world of tarot. As many of you may know, I often reference Tarot cards in my work, mainly because they are a rich source of symbolism and insight. To help you understand the cards, I’ve included this page dedicated to tarot meanings. Whether you’re a seasoned reader or just starting your journey into the mystical realm of tarot, this chart will serve as a quick reference guide.

But there is another important reason for including this chart on my website. Every time you order a product on my website (something that is shipped to you), I include a small packet of free gifts, including a single tarot card. This single card is meant to be a personal message just for you.

The card you receive can offer guidance, insight, or simply a new perspective. Use the chart on this page to uncover the basic meaning of your card. Remember, tarot is a deeply personal journey, and your interpretation of each card’s symbolism is just as important as its traditional meaning.

THE MAJOR ARCANAhigh priestess tarot card

0: The Fool: Starting over, being hopeful, and having faith in life

1: The Magician: Action, the ability to make things happen

2: The High Priestess: Doing nothing, going inside, and the supernatural, instinct

3: The Empress: Plenty, care, fertility, and life in full bloom! Motherhood, nurturing

4: The Emperor: Order, strength, control, and authority

5: The Hierophant: Traditions, institutions, society, and the rules that govern it

6: The Lovers: Love, desire, choice, and coming together

7: The Chariot: Moving, making progress, and coming together, holding steady

8: Strengths: bravery, hidden strength, and stepping into your animal self

9: The Hermit: Mindfulness, silence, and meditation, one day at a time

10: Wheel of Fortune: Waves, shifts, and ups and downs, anything can happen

11: Justice: Balance, fairness, and equality, unbiased decisions

12: The Hanged Man: Giving up, getting a new viewpoint, and becoming wiser

13: Death: The end of something, change, abruptness

14: Temperance means balance, moderation, and common sense, flow

15: The Devil: Bad habits, addiction, and giving up your power

16: The Tower: Fall of stable structures, freedom, and sudden understanding

17: The Star: Peace, hope, and a good sign!

18: The Moon: secrets, dreams, and the mind

19: The Sun: Good luck, happiness, and everything will be fine

20: Judgment: Rebirth, a new phase, a calling from within

21: The World: completion, wholeness, achievement, and joy in living


SWORDSEight of Swords tarot

King: Serious, in charge, logical, and focused on the mind and brain

Queen is smart, writes well, talks to people, but is cold, and she cuts through the nonsense.

Knight: Determined, fierce, and bold in pursuing goals

Page—not stable mentally or intellectually, acts without thought

Ace of Swords means a new start, a sudden chance or idea, and clarity.

2: Not Making Up Your Mind

3: Breakup and deception

4: rest, meditation, and vacation

5: Mind games and anger

6: getting help, leaving, and going somewhere better

7: hidden plans, theft, stealing joy or confidence

8: Feeling helpless and stuck, self-imposed problems

9: Anxiety and an overactive mind

10: giving up, feeling depressed, hurting yourself

CUPSTwo of Cups tarot

King: We need to recognize our deepest thoughts and not block them out.

Queen: caring for others emotionally, intelligent, and sensitive

Knights are romantic, daring, and follow their hearts.

Page: Creative, motivated, and learning how to be an artist

Ace of Cups means happiness and emotional satisfaction.

2: relationship, desire, and compatibility

3: a party, having fun with friends, and laughing

4: Being bored or unhappy with what is being offered

5: focusing on the bad things and feeling sorry for yourself

6: sweetness, kindness, and help

7: so many options! Making no choice and getting lost in daydreams

8: Giving up something to find something better

9: self-indulgence and pleasure

10: mental happiness, success, and bliss

WANDSNine of Wands tarot

King: focused on career, grown, and passionate

Queen: Sure of herself, focused, and full of life’s joys

Knight: A daring, risk-taking person who follows his heart.

Page: motivated and excited about work and life

Ace of Wands: Fresh starts, creative sparks, and fresh ideas

2: Thinking and deciding what to do with one’s life

3: Getting what you deserve for your hard work

4: Happy times, safety, and home

5: Competition, small fights, or disagreements

6: Achievement, success, and praise

7: Being on guard and defense

8: Speed; things happen quickly

9: Pessimism, getting ready for the worst

10: Feeling suffocated, worn out, or like you have too many tasks

PENTACLESSeven of Pentacles tarot

King: Enjoys the good life such as food, drink, and fun, and is well off financially.

Queen: sound in mind and body, stable, and calm

Knight: Careful, smart, and slow to move forward.

Page: Student, dedication to learning

Ace of Pentacles: Money, a clear sense of your life’s meaning, and goals.

2: Balance and doing many things at once

3: meaningful work, enjoying one’s work, and a good job

4:  Putting things away, feeling poor, and holding back because of fear

5: Minor money issues, health issues, and a sense of being outsider

6: Kindness, taking and giving help

7: Patience, while you wait for your goals to come true

8. Focused work, hard work, and setting the groundwork

9: Comforts like luxury, rest, money, and things

10: Making money and having good work relationships