Van Van for Mercury in Retrograde


Van Van Oil for Mercury in Retrograde

A lot of people use Van Van oil to reverse bad luck and turn a bad situation into a good one. But few know that it is especially helpful during that pesky time known as Mercury in Retrograde when everything goes wonky.

It’s just my luck that I am having a tooth pulled this coming Wednesday (June 26th) when Mercury in Retrograde begins. Believe me, I will be wearing my Van Van oil that day, and plenty of it!

Safe to use as an anointing oil, dab a little on yourself to keep the retrograde at bay. Pour a little in a bucket of water and wash down your front and back porch – hopefully it will send Mercury a message to “head on down the road.”

2013 Retrograde Dates

In 2013, Mercury will be retrograde from:

February 23–March 17
June 26–July 20
October 21–November 10

Our Van Van oil is found here.